OneDrive Connect

Roaming Profiles with Microsoft OneDrive

Access cloud data with Microsoft via the web-based Office 365 portal or via the onedrive connect application which synchronises data from your local network to the cloud.


The OneDrive icon appears in MS Explorer but is not accessed via a familiar drive letter and many older applications cannot interact directly with the OneDrive application; OneDrive CONNECT, a mapped drive, offers the solution to these shortcomings.

Enables Hot Desking

Logs user on to local network and seamlessly …

Authenticates users with Single Sign-On.

Maps user’s OneDrive to a specified drive letter and label on the local computer.

Optionally maps additional SharePoint Libraries to additional drive letters.

Optionally opens the O365 portal home page after drive mapping is complete.

OneDrive Connect offers drive mapping so users can access their OneDrive in the Cloud via a simple desktop icon. It can display a dialog when connecting or can run silently. Admins can specify which users will be mapped to their OneDrive based on Include and Exclude group membership. OneDrive Connect maintains log files which can be hosted on a central network share.

One Drive Connect is designed for Microsoft Office 365 and provides users with fast and seamless access to their OneDrive via the desktop. It offers schools and colleges features they need at little or no cost:

  • Enterprise Single Sign On.
  • Identity Management.
  • Automated Licencing.
  • Drive Mapping
  • SharePoint Library Mapping

Specific Mappings for different User Groups.

Plus, with DMS NetFlow and One Drive Connect:

• Password Reset and Synchronisation
• User Provisioning