Complete user and computer lifecycle management

Manage users and groups of users

  • Normally laborious processes automated
  • Bulk user importer
  • Auto create users from your MIS.
  • Keep class/group memberships synchronised for SDS for creating class based TEAMS

Empower authorised users to do day to day admin

  • Control user desktop views and access
  • Change user password easily with photo ID
  • Easily create, edit, move and delete user records
  • View home folders and drop in files etc
  • View shared folders

DMS NetFlow will help manage the users and computers on your network and, when connected to your MIS, automate user creation and keep them synced. It will also keep class information and membership of teachers and students in sync, for the SDS functionality to create the Class teams in the cloud.


Used extensively in education, DMS NetFlow is suitable for many other environments too. DMS NetFlow is straightforward to configure for technicians and is ideal for designated administrators to control their areas.


NetFlow has no proprietary clients causing extra overhead and is built on MS Networking guidelines for full compatibility and futureproofing. It has an easy to use and intuitive Interface, is non-intrusive and won’t interfere with the rest of your network. Request a demo or a trial at your convenience.


The NFSync module is included with both solutions and provides seamless integration of your MIS with the Active Directory more about NFSync …

Primary Solution

A full primary school solution IN THE CLOUD with MS Azure Trust Centre Protection:  NetFlow, Data, Server, Office 365, Teaching Apps and User Management. PLUS: Full Wi-Fi connectivity, Bring Any Device, Secure Guest Login and Remote Support.

OneDrive Solution

DMS OneDrive Connect allows you to  hot desk with OneDrive. Users with domain joined accounts have fast access to their OneDrive data in the Cloud via a familiar drive icon.

FREE with NetFlow, or buy standalone

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User and Computer Lifecycle Management